Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beck goes to Japan...I stay in los angeles...

Hey all...

Beck is off to Japan in a few weeks, but I am staying behind in LA.

I've been offered the position of Supervisor of Puppet Fabrication for the third season of RobotChicken.

It's a great job, alot of work, and ALOT of responsibility.

I had to make the choice between a few dates of touring with Beck or 30 weeks of work with a great crew of people. I decided that i needed to stay home and try this new endeavor.

I'm very excited...Robotchicken is a great show and i'm really thrilled to be a part of it.

I am sad I won't be going to Japan with Beck, but BJ will be taking over the Beck puppet, and Greg will be reprising his role with BJ's puppets...all in all the team is all set and Japan is going to have some great shows.

I'll miss being a part of the beck show, but I am eager to see where the coming months take me...there is alot more coming up!

Hope all is well with y'all.