Monday, December 4, 2006

well, it's been a while...

how time has flown.

let me play catch up with y'all, as i have neglected my blogging duties for far too long....

after we ended our tour playing saturday night live, i spent a few extra days in new york seeing friends and having a lovely time. then i took the train north to boston, and from there got a ride up to new hampshire to visit my folks for 10 days. it was pretty great. halloween was awesome, with my little brothers (my mom remarried and had twins, so i have seven year old twin bros) and it was great to be home and chill out for a bit.

well...after that fun i headed back home to los angeles...and it's been nice to be home. i have been working hard with several people to develop new projects, and it's now clear i have to start my own company if i want any of these things to happen.

it's a big step for me, as i've always been one of those guys who enjoys the ride, but not necessarily the business side of what i do...this would put me up front for sure...making a director and producer out of me...which i don't think would be a bad thing.

we shall see. i think 2007 is going to be a very life-altering year. i know that 2006 has been pretty incredible, with both good and bad changes.

i'm seriously considering getting a dog...never been a dog owner, so i have no idea how i'll do with it, but i think i am ready for it. i am considering adopting 1 or 2 year old...i don't know if i have the time or energy for a puppy. a slightly older dog already has his personality already established, so i could get a sense of who he is before i begin the adoption process....

something i am thinkin about anyway... for the news you've been waiting for....the beck tour.

beck has asked the puppeteers to appear with him on three dates this coming week. on wednesday, december 6th we will be doing a taping for Yahoo....a special recorded session for Yahoo...i don't really have more details on that at this time...

we will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on thursday night, so set your tivo's! yes this thursday night, the 7th of december.

and then sunday we will be doing a show at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles.

so if you are in LA come check us out on sunday night!!!

after that we are once again done...they have not mentioned the puppets for anything else, but you never know!

so, i am sorry i have been out of touch with this blog, but as all of these wonderful things start to get going in the coming months, i am sure i'll have plenty more to share with you!

best to you all.


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